Never ever leave the door open

the smart key fob

It has happened to many of us. We've left home or office and shortly after leaving, we started wondering whether or not we locked the door properly... How many of us have not experienced the stress and preoccupation throughout the whole day, party or trip for this reason? KPHOB is a key fob that registers the time and the date of each time you lock or unlock a door, so in case that you have any doubts, you could check the records and make sure you did lock the door last time you left the house.


KPHOB comes with an internal calendar which you can use in case that you need to know the date, It also registers the date of each entry or exit, so you know when exactly you locked or unlocked a door…

Pocket watch

Use the KPHOB as a digital pocket watch. that’s for you if you don’t wear a watch or you want to have one less reason to check your smartphone.

customization menu

Set your kphob according to your needs, You may have a lockset that locks Clockwise, counterclockwise, Number of revolutions is another factor for lock detection, etc…

Battery LIFE

Up to 12 months of battery life,

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Project Progress

It has been a long journey!
Patent Pending

Development of KPHOB has been a long journey. It started with simple idea of using a proximity sensor on the key and the door to detect and register the times when we have used the key. The next step was adding the means to measure the revolution of the keys so the user makes sure they locked the door properly. At the moment we are one step away from completion of the final hardware and we need to perfect our firmware for a better user interaction. we are at preliminary stage with recognition algorithm and we are seeking some funds to take this step faster. It is also necessary to make injection molding tools after we finalize every hardware detail. That requires some initial funds to get it done.

  • Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Detection Algorythm
  • Design

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