Did I lock the door?” There are many reasons why you want to make sure the door is locked before you leave your house. An unlocked door is just too inviting .

It happens to many of us, we leave our home or office and shortly after leaving, we wonder whether or not we locked the door properly. At that moment you might curse yourself as you feel like an idiot.

Keep calm! There is actually an evolutionary explanation for this. It’s called Memory Inhibition! To understand the importance of MEMORY INHIBITION. Imagine that you are trying to remember where you parked your car. You don’t want to remember every single place you ever parked your car, right? It is crucial that you only recall relevant information that is essential to your current situation. In fact memory inhibition helps us to manage our day to day life by letting us focus on more critical issues! As we are busier and more distracted than ever, we pay less attention to trivial things and form no memory of them.

Consequences of such memory inhibition vary!

In the case of an unlocked door, we may be forced to go back and check the door, but that is only possible if we are still close to the building. If we’re away, the only thing we can do is either to ignore our negative thoughts hoping that we actually locked the door or to keep blaming ourselves.

We have been working to solve this problem and we believe to have finally found a simple, inexpensive, and elegant solution to the problem.

We call it KPHOB!  It’s a key fob that deploys a variety of sensors such as a magnetometer and an accelerometer in order to track every motion of your keys, analyze the movements, and detect the intentional rotations of the key inside the keyhole. The KPHOB processes these actions and registers the time and date of each entry or exit. KPHOB is compatible with all doors that open and close with a physical key as it tracks the lock status by counting the number of the revolutions of the key itself. Literally a “revolutionary“ product!

It comes with a custom designed display where you can directly see the latest activities. As a result, you don’t need your cell phone or Internet connection to see the records. Moreover you can also use the KPHOB as a digital watch and calendar.